Where I Stand on the Issues

AB5: Repeal and Replace

 I support a nuanced expansion of the principles contained in the proposed Protect App-Based Drivers and Services ballot measure to all other contractors impacted by AB 5, which has already disemployed people in trades as diverse as freelance writers to trucking owner-operators. While we do need to be vigilant against corporations offloading labor costs onto society, we also have to acknowledge the substantial number of adults that make informed choices about contracting/gig work for numerous reasons, including flexibility to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. 

SB50: Oppose

I agree there is a dire need for more housing, but San Francisco is also one of the most culturally and architecturally distinctive cities in the world; this deserves protecting. Plus as a general principle, local people should have the final say in how their communities grow and change to meet these challenges. Lowering general regulatory burdens -including CEQA reform, such as loosening exemptions for projects containing below-market-rate units-  as well as instituting “loser pays” court fees for CEQA lawsuits, would better balance local interests with the need to increase housing stock. 

Prop 47: Targeted Revision

I sympathize with the intentions behind Prop 47, but I’ve also replaced a car window six times (edit: now seven) in the last year; it’s clear by now that organized retail theft/auto burglary rings are taking advantage of the loopholes. I pledge to work with police, prosecutors, public defenders, and social services organizations to seek a solution -whether legislative or ballot proposal- that respects the intentions and boundaries of Prop 47, yet reduces the ability of these crime rings to operate with near-impunity. 

Nuclear Power: Support

I intend to push California to once again be a welcoming place for nuclear power, especially the promising next generation of compact, modular reactors. Not only do they offer the prospects of a robust and decentralized power grid more resistant to natural disasters and with minimal carbon footprint, the ability to decouple from a global market for fossil fuels that has proven incredibly vulnerable to geopolitical instability offers us a chance as a nation to finally break our dangerous addiction to Foreverwar in the Middle East.